Capitalism is an algorithm that processes desire.
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Accelerationism is a radical transhumanist reactionary movement which has emerged in its current form on the political landscape in the late Information Age. In political and social theory, accelerationism is the idea that either the prevailing system of capitalism, or certain technosocial processes that have historically characterised it, should be expanded, repurposed, or accelerated in order to generate radical social change, commonly in hopes of achieving post-scarcity or reaching some form of transcendence through technological singularity. The justification for this method is that it would end the suffering produced by modernity with great expediency, and more quickly produce a better society, or, alternatively that capitalism in-itself is a necessary force for perpetual selection and optimization, which regulatory policies on both trade and technology impede and limit.

Accelerationist movements are commonly characterized by fiscal conservatism, radical transhumanism, decentralizationism, privatization, support towards radical ARM groups, objections against market regulations, research bans and policies protectionist of non-augmented people. Accelerationism usually falls into two general schools of thought:

  • Emancipatory Accelerationism supposes that capitalism in itself is a system that is bound to eventually fail, and attempts to press "the process of technological evolution" beyond the constrictive horizon of capitalism, for example by repurposing modern technology for socially beneficial ends and creation of a post-scarcity society.
  • Recursive Accelerationism supports the indefinite intensification of capitalism itself, characterized by radical abolition regulations and safety policies, possibly in order to bring about a technological singularity.

Accelerationist ideologies of both kinds have been repeatedly criticized as millenarianist, considered dangerous and inadequate, specifically in their handling of deeper existential risks related to artificial intelligence, biotech, nanotech and other high impact technologies.

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