Hive Minds

Hivemind (Hive Mind) is a term which describes several phenomenon related to the end result of specific distributed computing systems. Specifically when distributed computing of any type is able to achieve a degree of integration high enough to allow for intentionality. Colloquially, however, the term is almost exclusively used to refer to the distributed computational system in which set of individual nodes includes human brains. Human hiveminds are usually regarded as individual entities, generally divorced from identities of the constituent brains, and tend to proportionally outperform individual constituent brains.


Experiments done on Corpus Callosotomy patients in the late 20th century have provided us with a large body of evidence pointing to the fact that separated hemispheres decohere and diverge into seemingly separate entities. A conjecture was drawn that what keeps one a coherent self is Corpus Callosum - a flat bundle of commissural fibers with bandwidth roughly estimated to be that of an ethernet cable. Due to neuroplasticity the process works both ways.

Early distributed computing systems might have been described using similar terminologies, but the first example of a true hivemind as we know it today was in 2015, where after several attempts at forming 'Brainets', one was created which could outperform single-brained competitors, thus laying the groundwork for future work in the field. By 2030s it has been repeatedly demonstrated that neurobiological processes responsible for phenomenal states, intentionality and consciousness are able split and merge, adapting to the changes in architecture of the available neural matter.

The above phenomena has raised a myriad of ethical concerns regarding distribution and operation of high bandwidth Brain-to-Brain interfaces. The most pressing of concerns is that high bandwith brainnets (HBBN) pose a significant risk of users being subsumed into some coherent whole. An individual node brain on an active HBBN seemingly loses autonomy and identity, exhibiting no more individual intentionality than a hemisphere in a healthy brain. Due to the above, many legislative actions to control and sometimes ban HBBN technologies have been issued by various governments.

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