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Welcome to the Project Crypsis Wiki. Crypsis is a cyberpunk-themed worldbuilding project and a DnD-like role-playing tabletop game. Set throughout the XXI century, Crypsis explores classic hard sci-fi cyberpunk tropes as well as well as newer concepts, drawing inspiration from extrapolation of research papers from the real world.


The future is already here - it's just not very evenly distributed.
— William Gibson

It is so close it connects:
Programmable information systems, digital crime, neural interfacing, artificial intelligence, memory trading, personality transplants, implants, augmentations, software and wetware viruses, nonlinear dynamic processes, biomolecular engineering, drugs, guns, schizophrenia. Slowly converging upon a technological singularity, phase-out culture accelerates through its intensive logarithmic curve. Hypercapitalism and runaway technoscientific progress eat everything, as humanity dives into a hard singularity take-off. Will anything human make it out of the near-future?

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